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4 oz Zinc Throat Spray by Angstrom Minerals

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Zinc & Silver Throat Spray

4 oz spray bottle

Dosage: as needed

This site does not counsel, recommend or prescribe.

Refer to individual mineral bottle for dosages and to Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide By Annette Hasalone N.D. for Corrective doses.

You know the power of zinc on your throat. Angstrom Zinc is the strongest zinc on earth. Zinc is the mineral that coats all of the internal organs and soothes and protects them. Now add the amazing power of Angstrom Silver..

Angstrom Liquid Minerals combines the strongest zinc and the strongest silver for all of those sore throat, coughs’ and throat pains in a handy spray bottle. The convenient 4 oz spray bottle helps you spray it right where you need it, on the back of your throat. Spraying the zinc and silver combination directly on the throat can quickly start the healing process. The pain and scratchiness begins to fade quickly as the Angstrom size minerals enter the cells on contact. You may feel relief in no time.