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Probiotic Complex

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A strong and healthy digestive system is essential for maintaining your overall health, energy, and vitality!


  • Contains Cellulase to assist breakdown of fibrous outer cell wall of fungi
  • Contains Digeseb®Plus Delivery System  a proprietary blend of acid stable plant-based enzymes for enhanced bio availability
  • All Aerobic Life products Manufactured in an FDA controlled facility to ensure quality

The Probiotic Complex contains Cellulase to help with the breakdown of fibrous outer cell wall of fungi.

Probiotics supplementation could help in a variety of ways:   helps to reduce ulcers prevents allergies constipation reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome preventative for urinary tract infections helps prevent vaginal yeast infections assists in the fight against osteoporosis psoriasis prevents halitosis (bad breath) infectious diarrhea Chrohn's disease reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome ulcerative colitis

  Bacteria isn't always "bad". There is good bacteria as well. The major cause of human disease and infections is pathogenic bacteria. However, probiotics, like acidophilus, are frequently referred to as the friendly bacteria that is shown to be beneficial to the body in potentially suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria and improving the immune function by enhancing the protective barrier of the digestive tract.

The Aerobic Life Probiotic Complex is: Non-diary - uniquely created through carefully cultured human strains which has been proven and effective for human intestinal adherence and colonization.   Does not require refrigeration - heat stable   Long shelf life - guaranteed stable through expiration date following proper handling and storage procedures.   Does not contain any yeast, wheat, soy, glutens, artificial colors/flavors/preservatives

  What benefits can supplementing with Aerobic life Probiotic Complex provide? - Maintain a healthier bile acid system - Help produce vitamins, especially B vitamins - assist in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level - inhibits viral/bacterial infections - can help enhance and stimulate the immune system - helps to maintain intestinal health (constipation, digestion, diarrhea) - Treatment for and can inhibit the growth of candida and H.pylori - reduces undesirable compounds generated in the intestine - Promotes a healthy, friendly, or beneficial flora - helps to alleviate gas