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How Do I Make My Body Alkaline

Alkaline drops

There are several ways to help your body to stay in an alkaline state of ph. Some are simple and some more complex. We live in a society where "benefits of alkaline conditioners towards health care" have been poo pooed and we have turned to acidic drugs which throw our body out of balance even more. This question helps us to get on the right track of the real cause of our desease.

  • Eat Less Sugar
  • Get More exersize
  • Cut out Soda Pop
  • Eat alkaline foods
  • Drink Alkaline water
  • Take alkaline drops
Use the Five Alkalizing Minerals
Angstrom Liquid Calcium
Angstrom Liquid Magnesium
Angstrom Liquid Potassium
Angstrom Liquid Sodium
Angstrom Liquid Silica
+ Angstrom Alkaline Drops

What is the ph of Soda Pop?

Some people just do not get it. Soda pop is acidic, Coffe is acidic. Adding Alkaline drops to these kinds of drinks if defeating the purpose. Only a diet change and adhearing to SOUND Nutritional practices will improve your health.

Benefit of alkaline drops and obesity

Weight gain and other symptoms of obesity manifest themselves when the body is not in an alkaline state. When the body is balanced, natural weight regulators kick in and excess water and food are passed through. In the event of over acidity, the body can store extra water and or fat to dilute toxins and the feeling of starvation. If the body cannot function correctly, it stores fat, telling itself that it is starving. Even though you have stomach acid, your body must be in a alkaline state to absorb nutrition.

Will an alkaline diet help cancer?

Since cancer is a malfunction of the human cell and not a desease, The balancing action of alkaline drops may help any type of health problem, Including cancer. ( You can the FDA for the limited answer, See our blog for freedom of speach explinations)

The Benefit of Alkaline Drops

The Human body performs best in an alkaline state. When it becomes over acid, fungus and fatigue can occur. Disease creeps in and makes our lives miserable, or can even kill us. Cancer loves bodies weakened by over acidity. Candida, athletes foot, and others health issues are a result of the body ph being out of line. The truth is, an alkaline body good for health.

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The Highly Effective Alkaline Diet Strategy That Will Work Wonders For You

Learn the rules of alkaline dieting:

  • Say good-bye to low energy, poor digestion, extra pounds, aches and pains, and disease.
  • Say hello to renewed vigor, mental clarity, better over-all health, and a lean trim body. The key? You health depends on the pH balance of the blood.
  • Which foods explode your energy levels and make you feel incredible as soon as you wake up.
  • Muscle up your energy levels - 12 perfect foods.
  • Restore your health by creating a balance in your diet that will give you the energy of a child again.
  • More Energy! Where to find it for energy all afternoon.
  • Boost your alkalinity and lose weight fast - 10 easy tricks.
  • Use no diet until you have tried alkaline foods. I guarantee you results in just 1 week. Get healthy, not old.
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